3D Print

3D Print at HPE

HPE helps you to turn your ideas into reality. From technical elaboration to 3D printing of prototypes, we accompany you and offer full support. Using the Polyjet printing process, we can produce models with high resolution. We also offer FDM printings which do not score with quality but with speed and have the advantage of performing cost-effective test prints.

In addition, a careful post-processing is offered.


For an effective and fast development process, you get your design changes and 3D printing from one source.

Different scales, as well as the printing of movable assemblies will not give us any troube.


In order to guarantee optimal results regarding the function of your printed object, we offer a range of different materials as well as different accuracy classes. The colour can also be defined in advance.

CAD Design

If you already have CAD data relating to your print object, we can process it further and prepare it for printing. But even if you do not have any data, we can still design your ideas professionally with our CAD systems!