Technical product designer

Specialization in machine and plant engineering

Technical product designers support the development of technical products. They design, construct and shape components and assemblies.

They also have extensive knowledge in the areas of materials, production and assembly technology.

„The training is a very good mixture of tasks to be completed independently, learning related to the important topics and a lot of experience, which one acquires through cooperation with other employees and through various excursions and external internships.“

– Trainee, 3rd year


  • good spatial perception
  • Secondary school leaving certificate or a comparable / higher educational qualification
  • great interest in mathematical and technical contexts
  • independent, reliable and conscientious work

„Through the possibility of our VR glasses, our projects are close at hand.“

– Trainee, 1st year


  • Regular duration of apprenticeship is 3.5 years
  • vocational school in Rottweil / Ravensburg
  • modern computer workstation with the most common CAD programs

„With the help of 3D printers we can turn our ideas and models of the virtual world into reality.“

– Trainee, 2nd year

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Bruder-Klaus-Strasse 8
78467 Constance, Germany

Contact person:
Mrs Grether (Training manager)
+49 (0) 7531 691310