Virtual Reality

Put on glasses.



Experience your machines, plants or entire factories in virtual reality. HPE gives you the opportunity to marvel at, adapt and evaluate your existing CAD data in virtual reality with the aid of innovative technologies.

Applications for the industry

VR opens up new possibilities in the visualization and evaluation of machines or systems. By means of the lifelike size representation, the space conditions of maintenance zones in factories or collisions of pipe systems can be checked quickly and easily. Without having to remove the VR headset, you can measure real distances, take and edit virtual photos and adjust the visibility and position of individual components and assemblies with the help of pre-programmed tools.

A reality according to your needs

From animated machine parts to individual material selections, you can decide how your virtual reality is designed. Even the physical laws of our real world can be given a new form by the developers at HPE, creating a reality that meets your requirements and ideas.